Temasek Polytechnic Students' Union

managed by students for students

Executive Committee FY21/22

Temasek Polytechnic Students Union (TPSU) of FY2021/2022 will always stay true to our motto, "Managed by Students for Students". TPSU wishes to instill institutional pride in all of our students, and to promote campus vibrancy through the projects that we aim to have over this Financial Year. 


The Executive Committee of TPSU will always strive to give nothing but our best, and to seek continuous improvements for the better of our students. This year, TPSU is bringing about a change in our proposed work plan to better engage the students of Temasek Polytechnic. We'd like to also take this opportunity to thank all Temasek Polytechnic students for your support thus far, and we hope you'll keep on supporting us over the upcoming years! 


Definitely, TPSU will not be able to function without the help of our Sub-Committee members. We thank all our previous Sub-Committee members for your support and help in our events, and we hope that our Sub-Committee members this year will keep on working with us in supporting our events, for what TPSU believes in.


TPSU as a Committee will not work in silo. We'd like to also mention that the spirit of collaboration among Perfect 10 will always stay strong, in working together for the better of TP students. 


To all Temasek Polytechnic students, Perfect 10 members, TPSU Sub-Committee members, let's work as one in growing this tree of TP, to always keep this flame of campus vibrancy alive!